Product Updates: Monday, August 1, 2022
A new sign in button appeared.
~ Its name is "Sign in with LinkedIn," and it's here to help you sign in to Topia if you don't have a Gmail account, or want to use your personal Facebook or email to sign in to Topia. Also, we've got some beautiful new imagery on our messages in world this week.
Sign in with LinkedIn
Hello, professionals! 👋 Don't have a Gmail account, or want to use your personal email or Facebook to sign into Topia? We have you covered with our new Sign in with LinkedIn button, which you can use to enter any world.
Frame 13 copy
New messaging imagery
Enjoy the masterful work of Topia's art team while waiting for your map to generate, entering a world with an available URL, or experiencing a pesky error (though please reach out to us if you're experiencing an error, because the Topis, while cute, can't help you).
Frame 14
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.