Product Updates: Monday, May 23, 2022
Hello, fellow Topians! 📣 This week, there are 2 new updates to our Layers page, including a new field called 'Display Layer' that allows you to switch a single layer asset to a top or bottom layer! Also, we started on a series of optimizations that we're making to video and audio feeds, including removing the video or audio feed blink when transitioning to screenshare.
Change ‘Display Layer’ For Single Layer Assets
World Builders, remember that time you uploaded a single layer asset as a top layer, but later decided it would be better as a bottom layer? Well, now there’s a field to painlessly make that change: Display Layer! When modifying a single layer asset, you’ll see this new field on the Layers page.
Frame 36
Preview Images for Multi-Layer Assets
Top layer and bottom layer preview images are now visible on the Layers page when editing a multi-layer asset!
Frame 37
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