Product Updates: Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Summer has begun in the northern hemisphere, and Topia has released another batch of 🔥 features!
Change the Aspect Ratio, Width, and Height of the 'Video Player (Clean)' asset
, check out the
refreshed color palette and typography
in all worlds, and
start using the Current Guests page from Social Hub
📐Video Player (Clean) Scaling
World Builders, there are 3 new fields in modify asset town when editing the 'Video Player (Clean)' asset: Aspect Ratio, Width, and Height! Selecting either '16:9' or '4:3' as an aspect ratio will preserve that aspect ratio when editing width or height. Selecting 'Custom' as an aspect ratio will allow you to customize your width and height freely, regardless of aspect ratio!
Jun-21-2022 15-37-47
🎨 Color & Typography Glow Up!
You may have noticed a fresh coat of (digital) paint and a new set of fonts in your world(s)! We refreshed both the color palette and typography across all worlds to better communicate our new branding and improve accessibility.
Frame 14
➡️ 'Current Guests' moved to Social Hub!
We found that users were frequently searching for this feature in Social Hub. So, we gave the 'Current Guests' page (previously found in 'This World') a new home in Social Hub!
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